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We are the children's ministry group at Rosewood Church of the Nazarene. Our mission is to build a nation for Him. Who is that Him? God! We are building up the next generation to love, follow and serve God. We are currently meeting online on Sundays. But when we do meet in person it's an exciting environment with lots of learning and interaction. We have a few different opportunities to meet together (when we get to meet in person again!). Sunday mornings, Caravan Club on Wednesdays, Preteens on Fridays and Camps in the summer. When we're busy we're busy, but the most important thing to remember is all kids are welcome! We are also a NO tolerance bullying children's program; we teach God's love, acceptance and forgiveness! So stop by online now and hopefully we will see each other in person soon! 

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Our outspoken Kids Ministry Director. She's willing to go all out to make sure all our kids are loved and connected. She tells it like it is and wants to connect with you online!

Our fearless senior pastor at rosewood. Pastor nick is a kind and compassionate leader who cares so much for all people! And he can't wait to meet you in person soon!

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