• Bible

  • Notepad with pen and highlighter

  • Warm Sleeping bag or Bed sheet and bed covers

  • Toiletries -- soap, shampoo, toothbrush, comb, deodorant, etc.

  • Towels

  • Pillow

  • Money for a fast food meal on the drive up on Saturday, and again for the drive back on Tuesday. We typically stop at a Wendy’s/ Tim Hortons.

  • Warm clothing in general

  • Pajamas

  • Clothing/ Costumes for theme nights:

              1: Opposites

              2: Snapchat filters

              3: Superhero teams/Superhero and sidekick 

  • Gloves/ scarfs/ hat/ winter jacket

  • Indoor shoes (Running shoes)

  • Outdoor Boots

  • Winter Jacket & Snow Pants (yes we will be playing outside)



ROC BASIC & ROSEWOOD ASSUME NO RESPONBILITY FOR ANY LOST OR STOLEN ELECTRONICS (Including but not limited to cell phones, iPods, etc.)

Bring Cameras at your own risk!


- Please note that the use of cell phones during the sessions or worship time will cause the leader to take away your cell phone or your electronic device and it will be given back at the end of the retreat. 



  • No one is allowed to leave the property without the group leaders approval

  • No alcoholic beverages or prohibited drugs.

  • No smoking

  • No persons, including leaders are allowed in the rooms of the opposite sex.

  • Reimbursement will be required for any damages to the facilities of equipment.

  • Dining room must by vacated 20 minutes prior to mealtime to allow for table set up.

  • Quiet hours begin at 11:00pm

  • rooms must be supervised at all times by responsible adults.

  • All persons under the age of 18 must have a “Parental Consent Form” completed and signed by a parent or guardian prior to participating in program.

  • All accidents must be reported to one of your leaders immediately.

  • No chewing gum please.

  • No excessively loud music or dances.

  • No animals are to be brought with the group




  • Please note that food presented at the retreat center might contain traces of nuts. Grace Family Church assumes no responsibilities for any allergic reaction. 



  • Each night, students will have fun by participating in a long-standing tradition. During dinner students can dress up to a unique theme each night. This can be through dress, costume, props, etc. These are a great deal of fun as all the leaders, girls, and yes even the boys participate! (This does not require a lot of money being spent – check out thrift stores, your basement, etc.)

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March Break Retreat 2017

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