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Our February 2021 theme is CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Kids will have fun using sports to learn about the many ways they can say YES to challenges bravely with a focus on Jesus ministry here on earth!

What we learned this month

WEEK ONE: JESUS TAKES CARE OF ME-Mark 1:29-39. Jesus healed people basically everywhere He went, He cared about people, He loved people and Jesus takes care of me!

WEEK TWO: JESUS SHOWS ME THE TRUTH- Luke 21:1-4. Jesus always looks at the heart. No matter what people say is important, what Jesus calls important matters the most. Jesus will always tell me the truth.

WEEK THREE: JESUS HELPS ME WHEN I'M TEMPTED-Matthew 4:1-11. This passage reminds us that whenever we face temptation, we can follow the example of Jesus by remembering all the promises God has made to us. Jesus helps me when I'm tempted!

WEEK FOUR: JESUS UNDERSTANDS MY CHALLENGES-Mark 8:27-37. In this Bible story, we find that Jesus faced a very serious challenge, and it involved having to make a prediction. Jesus faced challenges at every turn, the mission He was on earth to accomplish was a challenge, the Pharisees and Sadducees and other religious teachers of the law were constantly challenging Jesus and leading the disciples was a challenge too! He understands our challenges, because He's been there before and He crushed them. He wants to be there for us too.

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