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Our theme for March 2021 is BLUEPRINTS. Blueprints are a kind of plan that helps engineers, architects, and drafters to know how a project should go. Plans are everywhere. Kids find plans at school, in their lego sets, and even in their video games. But the best kinds of plans are the ones that help us grow. Through the life of Jesus, kids are going to find out that God’s plans are perfect, love is the foundation of God’s plans, that Jesus said yes to God’s plans, and most of all, that we are included in God’s plans!


WEEK ONE: God’s plan are perfect

The kids will learn about how Jesus cleared the temple and talked about God’s plan for people. John 2:13-22-Jesus was frustrated about how the people were treating God's house so He did something about it! But it was all part of the plan to get people to hear that He was going to tear down the temple (his body) and rebuild it in 3 days (his ressurection)!

WEEK TWO: Love is the foundation of God’s plans

Kids will learn that God sent Jesus because God loved the world so much. John 3:1-21-Jesus and Nicodemus (who was a Pharisee, and the Pharisees hated Jesus) had a secret conversation about salvation and what it meant to be apart of God's kingdom. The only way was to believe that God loved us enough to send Jesus into the world to save us (John 3:16)!

WEEK THREE: Jesus said yes to God’s plans

Kids learn that Jesus brought glory to God by obeying God. John 12:20-33-Jesus was given a HUGE task from God to die on the cross for our sins. He had to obey, even though it was hard.

WEEK FOUR: I am included in God’s plans


Mark 11:1-11. Jesus enters the city of Jerusalem, in the craziest way! On a donkey and people put palm branches and their coats on the ground as he entered. Some believed he was a king coming to save them from Roman rule but Jesus' mission was bigger to save us!

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